NEW! Let the young artists in your family be inspired by the Danny this summer to create badges, flags and bunting with artist Helen Davies August 2nd - 4th, 1.00 - 4.00pm on board the Danny at Canning Dock, opposite the Merseyside Maritime Museum. The activity is free, and the vessel will be open for all family members to have a look round. 

Visits to The Danny are FREE and offer a great, shared experience for families. For children, it’s an exciting new world to explore, up gangways and down companionways, peering into darkened engine rooms and mysterious boiler rooms, and relaxing in the saloons and on the promenade deck. And dads and mums have steam engines, local history and classic Art Deco design to enjoy.

Pick up a trail as you board to help you explore together. The little ones will enjoy finding the teddy bear crew and passengers on the free teddy bear trail. Older kids might enjoy using our free family trail to lead the family round. This trail was created by children from St Vincent de Paul Primary School working with graphic artist Jim Medway.

Help keep our family activities free - all activities are free but donations are very welcome. We want the Danny to be connecting with future generations for many years to come and your donations help make this happen.

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