Our workshops are active, creative and designed to address the Key Stage One and Two Primary Curriculum in history, science, English and art and design. Children are encouraged to explore and discover, ask questions, work things out together, and to share and express their findings in creative ways, through role play, song and making activities.

Most of our workshops are linked to an activity or workshop at either Merseyside Maritime Museum or the Museum of Liverpool, which will deepen and contextualise the children’s learning on board. Lunchrooms can also be booked via our partners at National Museums Liverpool.


Workshops last 90 minutes, cost £60 per class and involve two separate activities, one of which takes place on our promenade deck and around the vessel, and one in our Art Deco saloons.Both areas are covered, and our saloons are centrally heated.

All workshops are led by our volunteers, many of whom were involved in the rescue and restoration of the Danny, and are thus a link from its long history all the way to the present day. Details of the workshops are available to download below. 

The key stage one workshop uses singing, a teddy bear trail and a making activity to introduce children to the crew and passengers on a steam tugboat and passenger tender in the 20th century. The Museum of Liverpool's I Like to Move It: Transport Across Time workshop gives a context within the chronology of transport to the specific example of the Danny. Specific dates for booking these workshops together are included in the visit information download.

Similarly, the Maritime Museum's All Hands on Deck workshop and the Museum of Liverpool's Gateway to the World workshops contextualise the specific example of the Danny for key stage two children.

Details of dates when schools can avail of a joint workshop offer from The Danny  and National Museums Liverpool are contained in the visit information download. 

Booking Information

Booking Information:

To book a workshop at Canning Dock, check availability on our calendar. Then email attaching a completed booking form. We will send you a confirmation and send out an invoice. If you wish to make an enquiry in advance of a booking, email to the same address or call 07575 197771

Where you are availing of a joint offer, we will forward the booking form to our partners at Museum of Liverpool and Merseyside Maritime Museum on your behalf, and they will confirm the booking there with you. Don’t forget to request lunch facilities with your booking.

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