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Halton Histories: Oral histories, Art and Exhibition

We are working with the Halton Primary Arts network to recruit 6 Halton schools to work with us on an oral history and art project this summer term. Each participating schoolgroup will be offered the opportunity to learn about the Danny and its historic ties with Halton, to learn oral history interview skills, to meet key figures in the life of the Danny and record their stories, to visit the Danny in order to see what it's all about and to work with an artist to tell their Danny story through art. The resulting artworks will then be exhibited in the Brindley Arts Centre in Runcorn in November 2018.

What the Danny offers to participating schools:

  • An introduction to the Danny through images, films and participatory activity at your school.
  • Resources to prepare children for doing an effective oral history interview
  • An interview with a key figure from the Danny's working life, rescue or restoration from your area.
  • 75% of the cost of a cruise on board the Danny from Acton Bridge, Ellesmere Port or Sutton Weaver, thanks to Lottery Heritage Funding subsidy
  • An exhibition at the Brindley of the children's work in November 2018

What will the children learn?

The children will have the opportunity to engage creatively in their local history, and will have the opportunities to learn about history, geography, art and design and art history.


What commitment do we ask from participating schools?

To feed into planning in spring 2018, to make at least 4 days of the summer term available for Danny-related activity and to commit to one of the cruises or workshops on board the Danny, so that the children get to visit and see the context for their work.


How do I get involved?

To discuss the project or to book a place for a class from your school, contact Cathriona Bourke on 07575 197 771 or [email protected]

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