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For schools within reach of the Liverpool Docks, the Danny offers unique opportunities to  learn about local history and geography - histogeographic tours of the North LIverpool Docks and hands-on workshops in Canning Dock, bringing topics from history and art and design to life. Most of our workshops and cruises take place in the summer term - cruises from April 17th - April 19th, and workshops between April 23rd and May 5th, but workshops can also be arranged in the autumn term from September 10th - 21st and October 15th - 27th. 

North Liverpool Docks Cruises

Our KS2 cruises through the North Liverpool Docks take the children on a voyage connecting the nineteenth century to the present day, and all in areas not accessible to the general public, on a vessel that runs on the same technology as in the Liverpool Docks over 100 years ago. Geography field trip skills, history and development of Liverpool Port and Docks, Liverpool's international trade connections all appear in a new and immediate way.

Thanks to Heritage Lottery Funding, which subsidises 75% of the cost of these cruises in 2018, we are able to offer the cruises for £135 per class (Based on £4.50 per pupil). We have just six available, two a day between Tuesday April 17th - Thursday April 19th.

Workshops in Canning Dock

Our workshops in Canning Dock use the historic assets of the Danny - in particular the luxury saloons, based on the great ocean-going liners, and the engineering, so typical of the 19th and 20th century steam era in the history of the Liverpool Docks - to explore topics from the national curriculum in history and art and design in a very immediate experience for the children.

Workshops are available in the spring term between April 23rd - May 11th and in the autumn term between September 10th and September 21st and from October 15th. They last 90 minutes and cost £60. Topics are closely related to exhibitions in our partner museums - Merseyside Maritime Museum and the Museum of LIverpool, so that children can link their learning across a visit to multiple sites at the docks. For enquiries, contact [email protected]

Key Stage 1 children follow the teddy bear trail to find members of the (teddy) crew in the areas where they work, and play games and create a shanty about the jobs on board. Key Stage 2 children explore topics around the port of Liverpool from the 19th century to the present, and art and design on board ship, involving practical activities exploring Art Deco. The topics they explore in local history are complemented by visits to the Great Port Gallery in the Museum of Liverpool, and in art and design by a visit to the collection at the Tate, Albert Dock.

Booking Information

To enquire about a workshop or cruise for your schoolgroup, contact [email protected] or call 07575 197771


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