On the River Weaver

WorkshopsOn the River Weaver

In 2019, the Danny offers half and full day experiences aimed at Key Stage 2 Primary pupils on board the Danny at our berths on the beautiful River Weaver. 

A full day includes:

  • History: Exploring the significance of the Manchester Ship Canal and the River Weaver; idetifying historic features on the Danny, discussing what has changed on the Danny and on the waterways in how they are used and who uses them
  • STEM: Exploring the engine room, seeing scientific principles being put to use to make the Danny work (forces, pulleys, levers, change of state, chemical change). 
  • Geography: Map reading, compass skills, treasure hunt, features of rivers
  • Art and Design: Sketchbook skills - exploring the environment texture, detail, outline and colour 
  • Literacy: Interview skills, short writing activities capturing the experience on board the Danny
  • Music (dependent on specific personnel, as based on live music): learn and perform songs relating to the history of the Danny and the science of steam; learn how a shanty worked; create your own song.

Above all, the day provides fun and immediate access to the great resource that is the Danny and equally to the great resource that is the expertise and experience of the volunteers. 

We provide a full itinerary and risk assessment for you to work from, as well as a learning pack including activities for the classroom before and after the visit in order to maximise the children's learning and enjoyment. We can also arrange classroom visits to present the context of the Danny or bring in handling objects to inspire the children's curiosity.

To enquire about dates or for more information, contact Learning and Participation Manager Cathriona Bourke at [email protected]


River Weaver Cruises

Our KS2 cruises on the River Weaver offer children a unique opportunity to immerse themselves in the history of our waterways, explore birdlife with an ornithologist (we saw on average 30 species on our school cruises last year) and find out more about the engineering wonders of our waterways with our engineers. The cruises between Sutton Weaver and Acton Bridge offer the chance of stopping off at a lock and meeting the lockkeeper, and the children can have their lunch on the prom deck or at the picnic area at the lock, depending on timings and weather conditions. 

Thanks to Heritage Lottery Funding, which subsidises 60% of the cost of these cruises in 2019, we are able to offer the cruises from Acton Bridge to Anderton Boat Lift for £135 per class and from Sutton Weaver to Acton Bridge for £200 per class.. 

Cruises are available from Sutton Weaver Swing Bridge (between Runcorn and Frodsham) and Acton Bridge on June 10th and June 20th, and from Acton Bridge to Sutton Weaver Swing Bridge on July 12th from Acton Bridge to Sutton Weaver. They take place from 10.00 - 13.00. There is one cruise from Acton Bridge to the Anderton Boat Lift on July 8th, from 10.00 - 11.30. Full itinerary and risk assessment available on request. To enquire or request a booking, please contact [email protected]

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