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The Danny provides an exciting environment for play-based learning. Our playschemes' workshops last 90 minutes, and are structured to provide a balance between exploratory child-led learning through play and activities directed by an adult.. We aim for sessions to be active and enjoyable and to meet wellbeing and literacy objectives. Working with children and artists, we have devised a range of learning resources and activities including:

  • Finding the teddy bear crew and guests
  • Designing paper with Art Deco and boat themed stamps
  • Sketchboards
  • Tugboat storytime
  • Creating and singing a shanty
  • Using blocks to build a dock 
  • Moving a wooden model cargo vessel using a tug
  • Using props for role play

Sessions cost £60 and dates are available in Canning Dock in April, May, August, September and October. To enquire about a session for your group, contact [email protected]

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