Danny for allCommunity

The Danny was rescued by our volunteers so that its heritage would reach present and future generations.  We want to reach all sectors of the community through a range of activities targeted at different ages, abilities and interests.

Through the season, we run family and community activity by ourselves and with partners such as Catalyst Discovery Centre, Canal and River Trust and local library services. We also partner up with cultural and creative community organisations - poetry festivals, folk clubs, arts festivals, heritage groups and waterways organisations to support their activities in a new setting.

We also have a wonderful partnership with Halton MIND, supporting people in our community at a vulnerable time in their lives with confidence-building creative and social activities, alongside mental health practitioner workshops.

Where possible, we keep community activities low cost or free of charge, and instead ask our public to make a donation if they can afford it. For workshops and activities where we need to cover costs, we keep costs as low as possible. If you would like to talk to us about working with your group, please contact [email protected]

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