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  • Two email copies of 'Towline' our member's newsletter per year (February and September)
  • Regular email newsletter updates
  • Invites to free members only days aboard
  • Invites to members only talks and presentations on The Danny
  • Be the first to know about new cruises and events - Before they are launched to the public
  • Benefit from members only sales and discounts on selected cruises*
  • 10% discount on private static hire
  • *Offered at the Director’s discretion and will be advertised via email, please note the discounts maybe at times be last minute

To become a member please click here or email [email protected] to request a form. Please note we will need your contact details to keep in touch with you. We will not share your contact details with any third parties.

Why Become a Member - Written by Member & Trustee Les Green

Ask anyone fortunate enough to own a boat and they will tell you that it is an expensive business. Likewise you will get a similar answer if you put the same question to those involved in all things “steam”, be it railway locomotives or traction engines but put the two interests together and what do you have, yes the “Danny”.

A coal fired boiler with two steam driven engines and all contained in a 113 year old steel hull, will require a great deal of tender love and care. Added to these costs will be all the requirements of maintaining a modern safety programme and complying with maritime law when carrying passengers.

The total cost to date to save the “Danny” with all grants and valuable volunteer time combined will be in the order of £5million and to ensure that she is still floating for future generations to enjoy will require the continual combined effort of its supporters, volunteers and staff

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With many thanks...

The Daniel Adamson Preservation society gratefully acknowledges the support of its many corporate donors which have included the Heritage Lottery Fund and WREN managed landfill tax grants in helping to develop the project and return the “Danny” back to an operating passenger vessel. The on-going assistance provided United Utilities and Peel Ports who allow the vessel to use their facilities will be vitally important to her continued career.

Support us

Our work will depend increasingly on the commitment of volunteer’s time and on income generated through membership, visitors and fundraising. We are very grateful to those who already support us whose efforts have greatly influenced both donors and public alike.

However we are going to need more help to conserve what is recognised nationally as the best of the past for future generations through donations and legacies.


One way of keeping the “Danny” steaming is to become involved in this unique project and become a member

Currently we have almost 600 members from across the UK and some world wide who receive regular updates with a members’ newsletter and web-pages, an annual meeting and soon privileged access to the vessel.

Basic membership costs are kept to a reasonable level at £25 for an annual membership for one person or £30 for a family (2 adults & 2 children). Joining is a simple procedure either click here by downloading the attached form or emailing [email protected] - to arrange a paper copy to be sent to your door.

Payment can be made by cheque or standing order and there is the opportunity to make an increased donation at your discretion. Gift aid is available for taxpayers.

Become a member


The Danny offers many opportunities for volunteering, from those with “hands on” practical skills to those experienced in business administration and fundraising or if you just want to help out with the necessary routine tasks around the vessel. All are welcome!

Volunteers come from all age groups and backgrounds so if it is just a hobby in retirement or an opportunity to help start a career and impress prospective employers with volunteering adding to an impressive C.V. then think about joining the “Danny” team.

To enquire about becoming a volunteer email [email protected]


Legacies are a way of helping preserve the nation’s heritage for future generations. The Daniel Adamson Preservation Society has a legacy policy and for details please email [email protected]

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