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ABOUT US - The Danny's story and mission 

The ‘Daniel Adamson’ is the North West’s Art Deco steamship, rescued by the passion and skill of a volunteer force who run the project and operate the vessel today.

Our mission is to ensure the conservation and operation of this unique piece of shipping heritage for the learning, enjoyment and wellbeing of all.

We do this by:

1. Keeping people at the heart of the Danny project

Volunteers with a huge range of skills helped restore and now run the ship, and members support it. The resultant community supports wellbeing, operates as a bulwark against isolation, and remains open to all.

2. Communicating the Danny’s history

The Danny is a living and working museum piece maintained to the highest standards with

public access wherever and whenever possible. Access includes displays, guided tours and enjoyable activities for all ages, plus the opportunity to experience a cruise on board.

3. Transformational learning and development

The Danny’s story connects across generations and across disciplines – history, geography, engineering, design, ecology, science and industry – and offers learning opportunities that foster inter-generational understanding, fuel creativity and build confidence.

4. The volunteer journey  

Danny is a dual fuel boat: it runs on coal and volunteers. The Danny brings old and young volunteers together, prevents isolation, and creates conditions for skill sharing and learning. Our volunteers are at the heart of what we do.

5. Partnerships

We will build on our strong partnerships . We particularly aim at partnerships that ensure young people become part of the ‘Danny’s’ future.

6. Creating a sustainable legacy.

We will continue to offer a balanced programme of private hires, public cruises and ticketed events to secure the Danny’s future as a core piece of maritime heritage, and a programme that supports our social mission.

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