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The Danny is a place where people can connect with one another, with their heritage and with the beautiful waterways setting. We offer engaging and creative opportunities for learners of all ages to find and follow their interests with us.

Schools programme and lockdown resources for teachers and parents.

When it is safe once more to go back to school and out for school trips, The Danny will once again offer primary schoolchildren exciting encounters with the past through workshops and cruises on board. Meanwhile, please find below some materials that may be of use to parents or teachers setting online work during lockdown.

We usually offer history, geography, art and design and STEM workshops, and our cruises offer children the chance to work with an ornithologist to spot and identify river birds and to explore how they have adapted to their riverside habitat. We aim to develop children's learning holistically, across a range of areas on the curriculum, in a way that engages and inspires.

In our art and design workshops, we encourage the children to capture their experiences using a variety of simple art skills and to create an artist’s sketchbook. Back at school, they collage together maps they have created in geography with rubbings, sketches and colour washes they have made of their surroundings in art and design, annotated diagrams they produced in STEM workshops, and cut-out historic images they have been studying. Their sketchbook is not just art, but takes in all the aspects of the curriculum they have been studying, and allows the children to order and organize their own experience.

We have adapted our art and design materials for parents to use at home with their children, to encourage the children to take notice and map their experiences during this time.

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