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How and why becomea supporter?

The Danny can mostly be found on the North West Waterways and has been a project involving the community for more than 20 years.

The Danny is YOUR own 'Little Steamer'. She is free to visit, thanks to the generous support we receive from donations. Your support cares for her and allows her to give a unique maritime experience to our many visitors.

Your support means we can offer free learning and education sessions for local school children. Your support means we can keep The Danny cruising on our local waterways as a peice of living heritage. 

We need your support to make sure that everyone has access to this important community and heritage steamship.

By joining our Danny's Supporter's Scheme from as little as £5 a month you are helping to keep the story of The Danny alive, her history, restoration, conservation and operation.

How you can make a difference: Every donation - no matter how large or small - makes an impact.

Your contribution will: 

  • Support the ongoing conservation on the engines and structure, preserving them for future generations.
  • Unite Primary School and older volunteers to work together sharing stories and learning from each other.
  • Purchase art materials for our free family workshops - helping young children develop their creativity and connet with The Danny.
  • Enhance the interactive displays and enable accessibility for visitors with additional needs including BSL, videos and Autism Friendly Workshops.
  • Bring socially iscolated people together, interacted with our dedicated volunteers who work tirelessly to keep The Danny operational.
  • Take The Danny out to those who cannot come to us via talks and presentations.

Please donate to support our project - email [email protected] for more details and for a form to enable a donation to be arranged.

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The Danny offers many opportunities for volunteering, from those with “hands on” practical skills to those experienced in business administration and fundraising or if you just want to help out with the necessary routine tasks around the vessel. All are welcome!

Volunteers come from all age groups and backgrounds so if it is just a hobby in retirement or an opportunity to help start a career and impress prospective employers with volunteering adding to an impressive C.V. then think about joining the “Danny” team.

To enquire about becoming a volunteer email [email protected]


Legacies are a way of helping preserve the nation’s heritage for future generations. The Daniel Adamson Preservation Society has a legacy policy and for details please email [email protected]

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