The Danny's creative Lockdown Logbook Activity Pack

Published: 7th Apr

Unlock the creativity of your child during the lockdown with the Danny’s Creative Lockdown Logbook activity pack. Click here to download the pack to either read or print off


This art and design home learning resource is packed with easy art activities using materials easily found at home. These simple activities encourage children to slow down, take time to really look and capture their impressions of their environment at this strange time.


Enjoy building their confidence as they try out different art techniques. Collect their work as they create it. Encourage them to explain their choices when they look over their materials and start to create their logbook out of the work they have produced. This work can be a starting point for great conversations with your child and an opportunity for them to process their feelings about their experiences while they are learning at home.


Adapted from the Danny’s art and design resources for primary school children at Key Stage Two, these resources focus on building children’s confidence and willingness to explore and learn, and on validating the children’s creative choices. These resources were created with artists Harriet Hall and Tabitha Moses from Interference Art, using the Tate Gallery’s digital resources around artist’s sketchbooks.


The Danny will continue to provide learning activities during the lockdown – next up, after the Easter holidays, a geography resource, focusing on maps, sketches, diagrams and points of the compass.

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