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Easter Boat Gathering mini cruise (90 mins) at Ellesmere Port

March 30th - April 2nd | Cruises at 11:00 & 14:00 each day

£25 ADULT/£15 CHILD Buy Tickets

Ellesmere Port to Acton Bridge

6 April, 2 June, 5 Oct

£50 Buy Tickets

Acton Bridge to Ellesmere Port

8 & 15 April, 15 May, 10 June, 8 July, 30 August, 8 Oct

£50 Buy Tickets

Ellesmere Port-Runcorn to Sutton Weaver Swing Bridge

9 April, 16 May

£50 Buy Tickets

Weaver Shuttle - A short & scenic cruise for 2.5 hours with coach transfers, leave from Action Bridge at 11:00 or Sutton Weaver at 14:30

April 12th,13th,14th, May 17th, 23rd, June 4th, 9th, July 7th, 29th, September 24th

£25 ADULT/£15 CHILD Buy Tickets

Weaver Shuttle Family Themed Cruise

April 12th, 12:00 to 14:30 Sutton Weaver to Acton Bridge

£25 ADULT/£15 CHILD Buy Tickets

Weaver Wanderer - Liverpool to Acton Bridge in Cheshire

May 14th, July 28, August 12th, 17th, September 23rd

£65 Buy Tickets

Dock, River & Canal Cruise - Sandon Dock, Liverpool to Ellesmere Port

June 1st

£50 Buy Tickets

Canal, River & Dock Cruise - Ellesmere Port to Sandon Dock, Liverpool

August 11th

£50 Buy Tickets

Shanties on The Steamer - Cruise with Port Sunlight Sea Dogs

3rd June & 1st July 2018

£45 Buy Tickets

The Laird's Explorer - Ellesmere Port to Laird's wet basin & return

July 13th

£50 Buy Tickets

The Railway Steamer - Ellesmere Port - Garston - Ellesmere Port

July 14th

£50 Buy Tickets

Ellesmere Port to Canning Dock (Albert Dock, Liverpool)

15 July, 31 August, 12 October

£45 Buy Tickets

Old Quay for Orders - Acton Bridge - Runcorn - Ellesmere Port

7th August, 25th September

£55 Buy Tickets

Ellesmere Port to Moore Lane to see Mersey Gateway Bridge - Ellesmere Port

8th August

£25 Buy Tickets

Ellesmere Port Shuttle Cruises

10th August

£25 Buy Tickets

The Barge Run - Canning Dock (Albert Dock, Liverpool) to Sutton Weaver Swing Bridge Cheshire

28th August

£60 Buy Tickets

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